United Barcode System (UBS) – Spain

High Resolution Inkjet Printers


Brief UBS Product

  • The Europe products, originally made in Spain
  • High Resolution Inkjet Printers
  • Case and Pack Print & Apply Systems

High Resolution Inkjet Printer :

  • Printing height 72 mm
  • 100% mineral oil free ink
  • 4th generation piezo electric print head
  • Up to 4 print heads with one controller
  • Low maintenance
  • Low ink consumption
  • 10.1” controller with full color touch

Case and Pack Print & Apply Systems :

  • Top, side, front, rear, corner and double side.
  • Automatic Print & Apply in real Time Labeling Systems, for any group packaging (cases, packs, trays, bags, etc.).
  • Speed up to 90 labels/min
  • Fully manufactured out of anodized aluminums
  • Technologically designed to meet the highest requirements and highest production volumes.
  • Compact, solid, reliable and compatible with any OEM print engine on the market.
  • Meets GS1 global standards of codification and traceability with ANSI barcode printing and grade A and B in GTIN codes.